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Do I really need therapy?  Is my problem big enough?

Counselling is frequently, I believe, misunderstood.  Often, we may say to ourselves things like -

  • “My problem is not serious enough for me to need counselling”

  • “There are many people who experience far greater problems than I have”

  • “I just need to sort myself out!”

  • “I’m just a bit down at the moment”

  • “I don’t need help, I’ll feel better if I give it time”

In fact, I myself, was one of the people who dismissed concerns as “not serious enough to warrant seeking help” - it would feel a little dramatic and self-indulgent.  However, having experienced personal therapy, as well as having trained for three years as a counsellor, my views have completely changed.  I feel it is a myth that counselling is only for those who ‘cannot cope or who are desperate’ – counselling can be beneficial for everyone, regardless of personal situation.  
Knowledge is Power!
Counselling provides the opportunity for us to gain a deeper understanding of ourselves, connect with our inner self, consider our values in life, our choices, our goals. When we gain this deeper awareness we are then able to make better choices in life, understand in greater detail our needs and be able to cope better in an ever- changing and often stressful world. 

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