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My Approach

I trained as an  integrative counsellor because, as human beings, we are unique, with different genetics, life experiences and needs.  Therefore, one person's individual experience and needs when working with,  say, depression, may be totally different to another's and therefore therapy must be tailored to the individual. 


My integrative training enables me to draw from a number of theories and techniques in order to best suit you

I practice from a relational integrative perspective, informed by theories such as Person-Centred, Existential, Psychodynamic and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy  focussing on building a safe, comfortable and non-judgmental relationship within which clients feel secure enough to explore difficult feelings and experiences.


Despite theories and skills, however, in the words of the famous psychiatrist and existential therapist, Yalom (1989), “It is the relationship that heals” and it is this RELATIONSHIP, between counsellor and client, which is the single most important aspect in enabling change and personal development.

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